Intensive Air Care

Intensive Air Care

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Medical - Intensive Air Care

Our Mission

Intensive Air Care is an FAA certified Air Carrier providing domestic and International air ambulance services using state of the art medical equipment and professional staff committed to providing the highest quality of medical care, safety, and satisfaction.

IAC is a complete bedside-to-bedside, non-emergency, and critical care Air Ambulance service throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The safest travel option for patients unable to board a commercial flight is air ambulance and at IAC we provide all types of medical air transport services that are designed to suit your needs.

Our Air Ambulance aircrew consists of Part 135 ATP certified professional aviators that are trained annually to ensure safety and preciseness throughout every step of the medical flight.

We Are The Operator

Intensive Air Care
Intensive Air Care

Unparalleled Patient Care, Comfort & Safety

When transporting your patient it is important to have the most qualified medical crew on board to offer the highest standard of care. IAC provides medically configured aircraft staffed by the best flight trained medical crew in the southeast to quickly and safely transport patients to a facility more equipped to handle their particular medical needs.